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WeZimplify makes it easy for your company to gather qualified insights in the process of development, validation and testing of new products and concepts.

All digitally stored. Easily visualised and analysed.

Achieve a data-foundation for decision-making based on qualified and structured stakeholder insights.

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Users & Experts

Contribute with their expertise to the validation and improvement of their favorite companies offerings.

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See how WeZimplify works for companies

  • For Enterprise

    We help you differentiate and grow your business, by enabling you to lead through data-driven decisions.

    Collect all insights in one place and share selected ones across the organisation and the respondents

    Engage with customers and partners by building up strong user communities

    Save time to market and ensure a higher success rate, by launching solutions there is an actual need for

    Develop and test different types of projects from marketing campaigns to app prototyping & UX designs

    Integrate WeZimplify into your innovation or product development process

    Prioritize and create sustainable solutions, which support the environment

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  • For Market Research & Communication Agencies

    We believe in building businesses together. Become a partner of WeZimplify and gather insights for your customers – fast, easy and in a structured way.

    Conduct research unlimited times a year and deliver valuable insights for your customers

    Validate and test projects, from marketing concepts to early prototypes and customer journeys

    Get access to our future expert panel, which can help you give your clients a new perspective of their offerings

    Cobrand and use our digital platform in a strong cooperation for better decision making

    Be a silver, bronze or gold partner and get access to both new knowledge and inspiration together with other agencies

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  • For Education & Innovation Hubs

    Educational institutions have the opportunity to teach students the approach and methods for fast and agile development. Students using WeZimplify can easily collect and analyze stakeholder insights during their Semester research projects.

    Align your approach for research and agile development with our digital platform

    Train and educate students in the approach of working with insights collection & analysis

    Educate students to scope their projects to the right target groups and ask the right questions

    Get access to training material and inspiration for your teaching

    Learn and share experiences with other teachers on material and methods for fast prototyping

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Do you work with the development of new business ideas, products and digital solutions? By using WeZimplify, you get:

A strong foundation to strengthen and manage your future product portfolio.

A professional foundation for taking the right decisions fast.

Faster development time of new solutions and innovations.

Seamless process of feedback collection directly from your customers & stakeholders.

Overview of your customers needs and insights of relevance for your future concepts.

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  • Professional inspiration and recognition within your industry area

  • New knowledge about products and solutions that companies within your industry are developing

  • An opportunity to get acknowledged for your professional and personal competencies

  • A broad network of other professional, which you can learn from

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