This is who we are

A group of enthusiasts with one aim: To create a better foundation for decisions for business, people & the environment

WeZimplify rethink ways of working by connecting qualified people across professional areas.

The perfect tool is crafted by the perfect team

Sara Schøler Lass

Founder & CEO

Mobile: +45 30 70 42 91


Thomas Mollerup Lanng

Chief Marketing Officer

Mobile: +45 29 92 74 12


Mara Somesan

Co-founder and Business Partner

Mobile: +45 60 90 12 58

Iulian Stan

Project Lead Software


Lina Byrialsen

Project Management - UX


Sergiu Borsan

Senior Software Developer

“WeZimplify will support the creation of valuable, sustainable & innovative businesses & products for the future. We do this as we aim to be the worlds most preferred & innovative digital network for connecting experts and companies in the development from idea to launch.”

Sara Schøler Lass

Founder & CEO

Our values

  • Professionalism

    Because it creates trust

  • Just do it

    Because action creates results, it it is done it the right way

  • Teamwork & diversity

    Because different perspectives & input beats (homogenity)

  • Curious

    Because curiosity can drive worldclass results

  • Make fun

    Because life is to short for being bored