This is who we are

A group of enthusiasts with one aim: To create a better foundation for decisions for business, people & the environment

WeZimplify rethinks ways of working by connecting qualified people across professional areas.

A part of the team behind

Sara Schøler Lass

Founder & CEO

Mobile: +45 30 70 42 91


Mara Somesan

Tech Co-founder

Mobile: +45 60 90 12 58


Jesper Knusden

Board Member

Iulian Stan

Project Lead Software


Tue Kristensen

Innovation and Business Development Intern


Sergiu Borsan

Senior Software Developer

“WeZimplify lead the way to better datadriven decisions. Decision which support the creation of valuableand innovative products and solutions for the business, customers and the environment.”

Sara Schøler Lass

Founder & CEO

Our values

  • Professionalism

    Because it creates trust

  • Just do it

    Because action creates results, it it is done it the right way

  • Teamwork & diversity

    Because different perspectives & input beats (homogenity)

  • Curious

    Because curiosity can drive worldclass results

  • Make fun

    Because life is to short for being bored