Why Use Experts for your Product Concept Development?

Regardless of what market or industry your business serves, its survival is highly dependent upon it staying relevant in the eyes of its customers, stakeholders and users. At WeZimplify, we believe that the user, partner and suppliers act as experts as they provide significant insights based on experience with the brand or similar products which are beneficial to the development of new product concepts.

In a concept project, getting a wide range of feedback and input from a specific target group helps establish a foundation of knowledge to ensure that ideas move in the right direction and therefore stay relevant. While internal professionals and specialists provide skills and field intelligence, we believe that the people interacting with your brand and product are more than qualified to provide cultivated insight that’s valuable to your company’s future. This is more important than ever before with the Covid-19 virus setting a fire to every business’s survival instinct. 

What is Product Concept Development?

The idea behind product concept development is to create concepts based on thorough development of your internal knowledge base. A product concept is a detailed description of a product or service idea which is described from the vantage point of customers, users and other stakeholders. The leading edge of incorporating the customer’s perspective when describing a new product proposal is that it will help with testing and evaluating how responsive your market will be to the product concept.

With development processes improving and new product development happening quicker and indeed constantly, all markets are continuously experiencing higher demand and increased competition. So, whether new concepts are created purely for the joy of creation or with an intention to achieve profit and market share, their creation will always be connected to some extent to the survival of the specific business.

The primary reason for business is to provide value to customers. Without this, there is no reason for them to trade their money for new devices. Since customers, users and suppliers are the people who ensure that your business withstands all competition as an extension to you ensuring that your product is preferable to them, who better to take part in the concept development of your ideas? Also, since they have experience with similar devices, who is a better expert on the market response?

What Expertise do you Need?

Just as there are hundreds of specialists with their own broad skill set, there are many experts whose expertise you need to take into account. When it comes to idea projects, concept development and final concept review, we believe that the real expert is the purchaser, the potential user and people with independent professional experience and passions relating to your offer.

These experts are great at researching and auditing even if they themselves are unfamiliar with the technical processes involved in the manufacture of the specific product. They know what the market needs and what people value in their experience of a product and will provide proficient input in areas where they are professionally skilled. Essentially, bringing in these experts can be related to the recruitment of users as an alternative way of outsourcing.

At WeZimplify, we help businesses audit their current decision-making strategies through the involvement of qualified people’s input. We have created a platform for businesses to involve external experts into development projects as a way to sustain future relevance. This platform is relevant both for people who want to register as experts and companies interested in innovating their brand.  

Bringing in Experts

The true expert in the market is the people in it. Outsourcing auditing activities, inviting feedback and dialogue from the market and recruiting users is a crucial part of working with an outside-in approach. We believe that a business, however competent-rich, can never truly know everything and will always benefit from staying open towards provisional assessment from customers and external professionals. The outside-in approach has proven very successful in modern business for the following reasons:

  • It is innovative: The approach is unique because it focuses on customer trends to guide offers. The user is made an expert and their opinions are highly appreciated. 
  • It is easy: In this day and age, it is easy to access information about your market and audience and get in touch with users and professionals with profound insight that is valuable to your concept development strategies. At WeZimplify, our platform enables effortless matchmaking of qualified professionals and users with relevant businesses and concept projects.

When businesses bring in experts for concept-focused dialogue, they are using a value judgement technique where data and opinions are shared from people with different skill sets, experience and expertise as a way of staying open towards development and improvement. All input serves as data for concept development, and with customers’ and professionals’ experience acting as a driver, the business raises its potential for surviving in the market.

Top 5 Reasons to Bring in Experts

As with any strategies or development ideas, it is important to make sure that the effort ensures value for you and your brand. So, how will bringing in experts help your business?


  • Feedback for a broader sense of understanding: Inviting expert input gives you a holistic understanding of customer needs in relation to your future offers. With a diverse group of experts, the business will be able to determine the silver lining between perceived truths, random fluctuations in judgements and possible biases. Dialogue between external experts and internal specialists also brings about possibilities in updating internal opinions and knowledge.


  • Skill-based evidence and value judgement: Businesses want to make sure that whatever they offer honours its promise of being reliable to the customer. So just like when we do research, we fill the finished reports with valid sources. In concept development, the high-validity sources are skilled individuals, people belonging to your target audience fostering the demands you wish to fulfil, and people with profound experience around the kind of product or service you offer.


  • Testing for optimal concepts and ideals: While internal product developers maintain existing projects, inviting a third-party’s ability-based insights as part of  testing new ideas and determining optimised use of company funds in relation to customer needs gives your business a higher chance of positive market responses to products. In other words, expert insight ensures wise investments.


  • Engaging the target audience ensures marketing guarantees: The supply of organic data that is generated through engaging your users in concept development helps to create marketing collaterals. With a substantial amount of audience responses, the result can be presented in appealing ways to educate internal product developers and marketing professionals. This will also expand your brand’s social influence as customers take pride in being treated as experts.


  • Experts help with the comprehension of future needs: There is a lot of truth in the idea that the future is unpredictable, so businesses must come to terms with it. You can either live in a present of constant firefighting, or you can make sure you stay ahead with a business that is ready for what’s next. Businesses need to tackle the future in the present and dare to innovate where others become overwhelmed. The comfort lies in the fact that the end is not what you need to be thinking about. You need to be thinking about the thousands of product challenges and possibilities to master in that process, by yielding information from experts on the unpredictable future they are already living in. Experts and users contribute with their expertise to the validation and improvement of company offerings from their knowledge about the future.


Do you have the experience needed to become an expert? Are you running a business needing novel insights to determine your market position and improve your business’ decision-making skills? Or are you just intrigued to know more about the matchmaking of businesses and experts?  

If so, we are here for you.

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