EL:CON – Human insights lead to new offerings


EL:CON required customer insights on the development of their intelligent building concept to better support the sustainability agenda. EL:CON is one of Denmark’s biggest electric installation companies. The company provides, monitors, and tracks energy and electricity usage. The company has over the past years developed its competencies and the areas, where the company operates and lead business. The recent years the company has decided to have an increased focus on business development  and new  technology areas, and it has learned EL:CON to start strengthening an even stronger focus on people, technology and business.



“Sara by WeZimplify combined her extensive knowledge of customer involvement, lean business processes, and stakeholder management to help us develop relevant products for our customers in the field of intelligent buildings. Sara & WeZimplify works proactively with a very positive attitude and manages to involve/inform everybody from team members to C-level managers to ensure buy-in and progress. The Wezimplify platform was also used to codevelop products and to gain customer insights in the process. I can highly recommend Sara, Zimplifi, and Wezimplify”
– Jens Christian Lundholt, EL:CON

Problem and Solution

EL:CON is a more traditional company, but with a high ambition of being a more data-driven and sustainable business, delivering offerings within Intelligent Buildings. To reach this ambition EL:CON asked WeZimplify for support to both lead the process of becoming more customer-driven and working more targeted with new solutions within the area of Intelligent Buildings. An area that both requires new solutions, but also requires a different approach of working within the sales and go to market.

As a part of the cooperation, WeZimplify lead and facilitated the entire process from strategy to the development of 3 future solutions within digitalization. The development was based on customer involvement and co-creation from strategy, idea and to the market launch of the offerings to selected target groups. A core – team was established across the organization, to ensure a cross-organizational approach to the development of future offerings.

During this process, the WeZimplify platform was used as the foundation for collecting insights and involving customers both on a larger scale to give input, but also through qualitative interviews, where the platform was used as a foundation for documentation, so insights can be shared across the organization. 

As a result, EL:CON has 3 new offerings ready to launch on the market and a new sales approach. All tested and validated together with a number of selected customers and partners, and a high internal buy-in for the process and results. 


Value for EL:CON

  • Faster time to market – 3 new offerings developed and ready to launch within 3 months
  • A more customer-driven approach and learning of agile methodologies
  • A very targeted approach and value of strategic theme “Intelligent Buildings” to be clear on, why, what, and how this area should be approached.
  • Strong communication in value propositions instead of technical features
  • A strong and clear link between the product development and the marketing material and offerings.
  • Internal optimization of processes and cross-sales 




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