APX10 – Customer communities drive growth


APX10 needed to understand the utility decision makers in the development of their new digital solution. In this way they believed, they could better deliver value to their new potential customers. APX10 is a Denmark based company that specializes in big data analytics software for the municipalities and water works. Combining data scientists and software developers the company aims to provide the best tools for big data analytics to their customers. APX10 who is now owned by Cimbria Capital focuses on developing their solutions and their services to fit the needs of the customers and provide them with the best and most innovative solutions. APX10 works with the development of their services and offers to create value for them and their customers.



“In APX10 we are offering data management and analytics for the public sector and the water sector. We have an aim to help reduce the cost used on infrastructure planning. It is of high importance for us to offer solutions, which are easy to use and give value to both decision-makers and users. To ensure this, we are testing the ongoing development of our offerings with various stakeholders and customers. As a part of this process, we use WeZimplify as our digital tool and platform to get input to dashboards, business models, and new ideas. We experience a high value and benefit in using WeZimplify”

“At APX10, we are constantly developing our SaaS platform for the supply industry. However, this further development must also bring value to our customers, which is why it is important for us to use both personal contact and digital channels to obtain feedback from our users. We use WeZimplify to collect feedback on a clear digital platform where we can easily get detailed insights out of the received feedback, giving us a better basis for decision making for further product development.”
– Lars Limkilde, Business Development Manager at APX10


Problem & Solution 

APX10 was early in the beginning of the development of their SaaS platform, when they realized the importance of differentiating between the decision makers, and the users of their system and platform. Based on this problem, they established a cooperation with WeZimplify to get support to set up a streamlined and valuable way of involving customers and users in the most effective way. Together we defined the most important user and customer groups, and we established ways of involving and using the data for further development.

APX10 decided to work with both a physical set up for selected users and customers and a digital customer/user group set up. The physical takes place 4 times a year, where users and customers are invited to network, get new insights and learn about the company and new offerings. Furthermore they use the WeZimplify platform to collect insights and data, when it is needed during the development process of new offerings. These input are gained online from different user and customer groups. The WeZimplify platform supports them on both feedback on user interaction, marketing. material, and business hypothesis. In this way a higher commitment and ownership to new product updates and features are created, when they are launched. This creates a strong marketing effort and value for the company as well.


Some of the benefits of using WeZimplify:
  • The predefined questions for testing are done by WeZimplify. It made us save time and resources
  • The overview of user groups and engagement of the different user groups, made it easier for us to see, how many are engaged in our test and communities.
  • The digital process of starting up a test and posting it, is easy to set up and use.  It saves us time, compared to doing it manually.
  • The report gives a simple and valuable overview, as the recommendations help us to prioritize, which focus areas are most important.
  • The approach of thinking in the customer value from the pitch of the project to launch helps us create strong customer value.



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