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Neets A/S contacted WeZimplify to kickstart their focus on creating strong user and customer experiences, to ensure value of their technology. Neets A/S provides and sells hardware, software, and support for online meetings resulting in many different products, solving the problems and assisting companies with the best online meeting experience. The company’s core are a strong technology focus, and how this can be used in a meeting setting. Technology and all its possibilities and use started and grow the company.


“It’s really a valuable shortcut, that WeZimplify has pre-formulated questions in different categories. It makes it easy and quick for me to get started with a project that I need input for and ensure that I ask the right questions.”
– Aske Korsgaard Hejlesen, Chief Experience Officer at Neets A/S


Problem and Solution

We have used WeZimplify to get input and validate our business case of a new system for meeting experiences. In our case, we were very focused on the technical solution, instead of working more with the needs and the value of the user. For us it was a strong help that we could get the input and validation of our meeting equipment digitally instead of traveling around the entire Europe to get input.  Normally it takes a lot of time both to gather the input manually, set up the questions, and engage the stakeholders to get feedback.

The input we got regarding our customers, their perspectives of a unique meeting experience, their use of our meeting equipment learned us a lot about, what matters when our customers have meetings, and what is important for them. These needs are so important, if we should create the right value for our customers now and in the future.

WeZimplify’s idea of having the opportunity of testing a product from idea to launch makes so much sense. During a product and business development yo both need input to the business project and the developed product along the way. For us, it is so important that we involve different stakeholders all the way, so we get new perspectives and ideas on, what we do.


Value from using WeZimplify:
  • Getting fast and reliable results of feedback
  • Feedback from relevant users who can provide valuable sources
  • Easy use of the platform to decrease the time for project and analysis
  • Learning how important customer and user needs are for creating the right value


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