5 Customer Trends That Help to Innovate & Grow Your Business

At WeZimplify, our main objective and reason for operating is to ensure there is a connection between customer insights and business production. We firmly believe that one cannot exist to its full potential without the other, especially in our current reality with the impact of Covid-19. Contrarily, the business environment’s demand for truthful customer experiences and insights is weakening, and many businesses claiming to be applying a customer-first approach ultimately fail to back this up. This needs to change.

On a daily basis, our company helps B2B and B2C companies to improve their abilities in:

  • Setting the direction for their future innovation, and doing it in the right way.
  • Knowing and addressing the unique needs of their customers and users.
  • Developing future offerings within service, business and products.
  • Leading and involving customers in the right way in their daily business.

With this, we have compiled in this article 5 customer trends that will help your business to strive towards a better customer-first approach with a customer experience-based philosophy at the heart of your operations. Our intention is to help businesses take charge of their decision-making by applying human insights and customer data. To create valuable products and unique moments in the lives of your customers through the use of your innovation, it is vital to bring attention to the latest customer trends.

In creating products that customers will prefer and building significant opportunities that grow your business, you’ll need to apply the latest technology to maximise AX, fulfill requirements within the customer experience philosophy, improve customer interactions and facilitate the buyer journey with customer-first approaches.

Read on to discover the customer trends that will define your business growth in 2021. This article expands on a 2017 eBook we created, entitled “7 trends which help to innovate & grow your business” with a special focus on the customer side of things.


The Evergreen Customer Trend: Understand Who You Are Selling To

In a world with so much information and technology, the most important things for companies to understand are what their customers and users need and what problems they need solved. To efficiently and thoroughly apply the following 5 impactful customer trends that help to innovate your business in 2021, this is the first and most important trend to be aware of.


Customer insights and feedback are vital in making sure you always stay top-of-mind and top-of-market, and more now than ever before. If you are interested in learning more about just how impactful customer insights and interactions are, make sure to visit our blog where we touch on this topic in great detail.


5 Meaningful Customer Trends That Help to Grow Your Business in 2021

  • Sell Value and Great Moments, Not Products

One thing is certain: Neither private nor commercial buyers are walking around dreaming about your business or product. This may be a harsh reality, but it is one every business needs to accept. In order to win the custom of buyers within your market, you need to offer not only useful products, but also undeniable value and great experiences. To innovate your business, you need to ensure that your company provides greater value that extends beyond the physical product or service you offer.


56% of customers actively seek to buy from highly innovative businesses, specifically those who consistently introduce new products based on the latest technology and customer insights. Customers expect businesses to address their needs in the market they are reaching out to, and that companies will fight to win their attention and listen to their high-value insights. 


This year, there is no way of taking the easy route or allowing even the slightest friction in your customers’ purchasing journey, as if you do, your business is likely to take a huge revenue hit and allow potential competitors to rise above. This year is all about selling the best value in customer experiences, launched products and adopted technologies.

  • Address the Buyer Journey With an Omnichannel Approach

One trend that has been on the rise in recent years is the vital need to connect your full customer approach and facilitate the customer journey by connecting customer touchpoints and outreach channels. Customers are more present on digital platforms than ever before, and many decisions are made through the development of the IoT (internet of things). 


Back in 2017, we predicted that IoT needed to be on every organisation’s radar. It has since vastly developed, allowing for extensive connections between our physical and digital worlds, a phenomenon that is particularly clear in business. With virtual assistants being launched by the world’s biggest tech companies and more devices gaining an intelligent component, brands must bring their creativity to the table in order to improve the digital buyer journey and meet customers where they are.


Technology is constantly progressing, and businesses must adapt and develop their infrastructure and strategies accordingly. Trends also suggest that an additional focal point in corporational adaptation to user and technology changes is seamless integration between IoT-augmented devices and channels to further facilitate the buyer journey, i.e. adopting an omnichannel approach to customer touchpoints that allows businesses to reach buyers even in Covid-19 lockdown situations.


Studies have shown that customers no longer view the ability to  communicate with companies when and where it’s most convenient for them as something nice to have; they expect it. Indeed, they demand it as a bona fide necessity for winning their custom or retaining their loyalty going forward.

  • Facilitate Customer Experience (CX) and Agent Experience (AX)

The need to apply a customer-first business philosophy is nothing new, but the significance of this approach remains high. The last decade has seen rapid growth in customer experience recognition, largely due to the need for customer-centric approaches where connections with customers are centred around their unique needs and interests. The abovementioned omnichannel business approach embodies the greatest CX mindset seen thus far, which is another reason why this approach is highly valuable today.

With the IoT and digitalisation brought to light as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, new trends advocate the incorporation of AX focus into the customer experience as a way of addressing customers’ pain points and desires even when they are at home. To make life easier for customers wherever they choose to reach out, your AI needs to work as efficiently and brilliantly as your in-person and phone customer service.


Today, the AI components you apply to your customer service play a significant part in determining customers’ overall satisfaction with your brand. AX addresses the holistic view of how empowered and effective a company’s customer service agents are.

  • Bring Personalisation to the Forefront

2021 is in full swing, and it’s no surprise to any company that the year is focusing more on hyper-personalisation. Customers today value personal connections and friendly, efficient service experiences. What is surprising, however, is that trends are suggesting that the integration of personalised messaging and service opportunities are becoming more important to buyers than price or convenience. More accurately, 70% of buying experiences today are determined by the customer’s impressions of a brand and the success of the interactions they have with that brand.

  • Differentiation in the Eyes of the Buyer is Everything

Depending on how well you accommodate the first four trends, you will discover just how important brand differentiation is today. Late last year, we explained how customer experience is your most important differentiation element. Specifically, with a great data-driven customer experience philosophy and approach, your company can maximise its market position and stand out. To achieve long-lasting differentiation tactics, make sure to involve the customer and let them lead your way to ideal innovation opportunities where you can outperform your competitors and build authority.


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  • Why is Innovation Important to Customers?

Businesses innovate in order to satisfy changes in customer demand and as sophisticated buyers become more informed. Customers will gradually adapt to changes and start seeking new ways of making their lives easier and more sophisticated. This is why innovation is important to customers.


Customer needs are ever-evolving. The human mind is programmed to search for better solutions, easier pathways and optimised standards to accommodate our lifestyle. Innovation moves people forward and allows them to satisfy their need to stay up-to-date. If a business fails to innovate for the customer’s benefit, the business will fail to grow. 


At WeZimplify, we strive to provide businesses with crucial insights. Customers’ changing needs are critical pieces of your growth puzzle, and this is why we created the WeZimplify insight platform. 


There is no denying that 2021 will be a demanding year for the corporate environment, with challenges arising in parallel with each new stage of the pandemic. Simultaneously, however, opportunities are presenting themselves at the very same stages. These trying years will take our technical and digital sophistication through the roof, and businesses will undoubtedly understand the meaning of ‘you live and learn’. This year is for learning and becoming the best, most refined business there ever was.


So, if your business is searching for greater insights, a better foundation for sophisticated decision-making or for connecting with field experts, lead users and experienced specialists that will help your company become a  business pioneer this year, make sure to reach out to us today and start leveraging a comprehensive platform for insightful market data. 


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