YouSee – A new moving experience matters


YouSee wanted to focus on improving their customer journey, when people move from one house to another, so it becomes a unique experience, which matters. For this task, they partnered up with WeZimplify to improve their customer journey within this field. YouSee is part of the danish telecom company Nuuday. Nuuday is one of Denmark’s biggest TV and telephone providers. The company provides cable tv and services regarding tv and mobile, along with services related to these areas. The size of the company and market share requires YouSee to follow and lead new trends, innovate and develop new offerings, which can differentiate them as as a company. One of their focus areas are to develop strong customer experiences, instead of a solid focus on the product itself.



“Working with creating unique customer experiences is a clear differentiator for us as a company. There is a high competition in our market, and the speed, the ability to handle and develop new offerings fast is what makes a difference for us. WeZimplify made it possible for us to be able to reach users and customers fast, and in a way, which supported our need for both collecting insights of a new solution and to be able to react on the insights, so we keep momentum.” 

Janni Kvist, YouSee


Problem & Solution

YouSee has a strong focus on creating valuable customer experiences within all its product offerings. Customer experiences, which  differentiate the company from the competitors and create loyal customers.

As a part of this strategic focus, YouSee partnered up with WeZimplify to gather input and insights from installers and customers to the future customer experience and journey for their new moving experience and concept (when you decide to move from one place to another, it affects your internet and TV installations).

Based on both a visualization of the customer journey, a new guide for the moving process from changing the address to moving and installing equipment in the new house, and a number of questions and open tasks, 25 users and customers were invited to co-create and support the development of a unique customer experience for the moving process. 

YouSee used the WeZimplify platform to both upload materials, ideas and questions, and to invite customers and installers into two separate user and customer groups, and to gather insights collected and used on the digital dashboards. 

The insights were used to improve the future customer experience and journey and supported a fast, valuable, and customer-driven process of being, even more, customer-driven, thinking in the whole process from the customers onboard YouSee to they leave or change their products and solutions according to their needs. 


YouSee experienced the following value 
  • A solid foundation of customer and user insights for further decision making
  • The possibility to test and validate a visual customer journey and installation guide in a fast and agile way together with selected customers and users
  • An overview and easy access to questions selected and divided supporting the approach of a future customer experience (installation, buying, awareness)
  • The opportunity to follow the engagement of invited customers and users

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