Customer Experience as a Differentiator

Customer Experience as a Differentiator: Why, What & How?

There are many ways in which businesses can compete within a market to achieve higher market share, a better reputation, and a devoted stream of customers. A significant part of this is understanding that your uniqueness can strengthen your businesses position a lot, and Customer Experience factors are definitely not something to be overlooked. Truth is, Customer Trust will undeniably yield a huge competitive edge.

Interaction with Customers: A Key Component for a Growing Business

We believe that a thorough understanding of the customer’s holistic experience with your business is an advantage that leads to clever differentiation, quality service and innovation. This experience includes the perception of all interactions the customers and their acquaintances have in their affiliation to your brand.

Customer Experience, CX, is all about how your customers feel that your business tackles their needs. The criterias for a satisfactory experience are increasing exponentially and indications show that younger generations demand greater attention beyond good products or features than older generations. This demand puts pressure on brands to tailor a bulletproof customer experience strategy and continually revise it for optimal engagement.

From our experience, if companies do not ask themselves frequently and systematically  “who are our customers, what are their needs and why do they buy our products and solutions, and which problems do we need to solve for them in the future?”, they will lose out on possible game changers and growing potentials for the business.

At WeZimplify, we help B2B businesses strive towards a business strategy with understanding around the value of all potential business per customer. This signifies interaction both pre-, during, and post purchase.Our aim with this article is to highlight the significance of collecting valuable customer relationships by consistently maintaining great CX and value adding prosperity in a B2B world.

When it comes to the B2B business world, CX entails long sales cycles, enlightened users with professional understanding of your offer, several decision makers, thorough reviewing process before eventual conversion and larger stakes on account renewal and customer stability.

Your Customer Experience let’s your Brand stay Unique

There is no doubt that happy customers are beneficial to your brand; it shows that your brand is considerate of its consumers and that it provides value. More than that, strategies that enhance positive CX can act as brand differentiators, where your unique strategy for showing appreciation and incorporation of consumer feedback into innovation sets you apart.

One of the paramount arguments for integrating Customer Experience with your innovation is that new technologies and businesses are erupting frequently. This means that more and more businesses are in heads-on competition with similar offers, hence the need to differentiate your brand beyond product offer.

The next step is to differentiate your brand within fields that make a genuine difference to your customers and tackle CX across all vital touchpoints. 

CX is not only beneficial to your market position based on the customers’ experience of a surface brand, but more importantly enables the cultivation of robust business relationships and cultural alignment between you and your client. The depth of these networks is what lets you differ from the rest.

As mentioned earlier, we are finding that younger generations really care about service or product providers’ on a whole new level, meaning that they are more likely to get bad experiences and go into new business interactions with little to no trust.

So, we at WeZimplify discourage all levels of shams or “taking the easy way out” when it comes to consideration towards customers’ experiences, and we truly believe that facade approaches will not hold up in the long run. Customer Experiences should be collected, measured and dictate the strategy for the company and brand. Further, a genuine CX approach should act as a foundation for developing strategies in order  to move the business forward. 

CX is about trust; a market advantage beyond doubt. In order for brands to compete, they must build genuine trust and create strategies that ensure that this trust is not broken at any given point. Both in and out of the customer value chain.

To integrate CX as a main differentiator for a B2B business, six important aspects must be considered:

  1. Speed: Efficiency is very often a strong key performance indicator. For B2B, it’s important that you can offer speed and efficiency in the customer journey so that your clients aren’t suffering from unnecessary lead time. Speed both entails deliveries, responses and high-functioning tech.
  1. Ease: This element is about removing frictions in the customer journey and making shopping experiences and answers to queries nice and easy to find. It is important to continuously prevent errors and optimize flexibility in order to make the customer journey easy and smooth for new and returning customers.
  1. Consistency: Here, every touchpoint is key. At any given time in the customer journey, the customer needs consistent purchasing journeys. Here, we recommend the use of a B2B omnichannel. This is about coordinating communication channels and supporting resources into united solutions.
  1. Relevancy: This element looks at what is relevant to the customers. What are they expecting? In what way do they wish to receive information, interact and purchase your product? While you could be offering superior services, you have to consider the appeal of your target customer. To do so, integrate customer involvement to your CX strategy.
  1. Transparency: Consumer trust is extremely important – if customers feel wronged not only your reputation will suffer; the business income will be severely impaired. Transparency helps establish honest expectations and ensures no letdowns or unpleasant surprises. It builds authentic trust between your business and the businesses to which you are providing products or services.
  1. Personal touch:  This last aspect of CX is about building lasting relationships with consideration and cooperation. B2B customers may be making purchases on behalf of their businesses, but there are still humans and human emotions involved; this last step is about recognizing and caring for the wellbeing of the people in the businesses you are working with.

Creating a Differentiated Customer Experience

If you want to create a unique experience that evolves new users into re-visitors and visitors into converted, loyal customers, you now know that you need to consider the following:

  1. It’s All About the Customer: They are the reason that your brand can keep on going, so they deserve your devoted attention – To achieve long-lasting differentiation tactics, make sure to involve the customer.
  1. Quality CX to be Unique: While CX is a clever competitive differentiation, the mindset must be based on intents of doing right by the customer. Many companies see the upside of high quality experience, but most don’t grasp that great service demands persistent focus on execution and the people.
  1. Bring in the Customers’ Perspective: Working with customer focus is about understanding the customers experience from having a problem, which needs to be solved, to he/she starts searching for a solution through the purchase, and how the product is used. It is crucial that you bring in customers’ insights and keep them in the loop in everything that has relevance to them.

There are a few more things you need to be aware of:

  1. Focus on Customer Life Cycle: It is difficult to both innovate and improve a customer experience, if you don’t know about the customers’ needs, journey and touch points. You need to understand these both during isolated transactions, but also through the entire customer relationship. A valuable method here is adapting strategies for attention around the Customer Lifetime Value, CLV, to understand the total value brought about by a single customer.
  1. Data Driven Decisions get you Further: If you want to survive in business, you need data about your clientele’s satisfaction criteria and their lifestyle. If you want to differentiate your brand, this information must dig deeper and all information yielded must act as drivers. At this stage, we match-make companies with experts with thorough knowledge about utilizing customer feedback as a main fuel for business decisions. What they do is use data to secure unprecedented omnichannel relevance, customized home pages that benefit the user, smart nurturing in marketing and intelligent offerings with products or service packages that your customers really want. At WeZimplify, we want to influence the use of data about the customer as a way for businesses to prosper.

Launch products or services that your customers want

Successful businesses launch products and deliver services that work well with their customer base expectations and wants. In order to stand out in a largely competitive business environment, we believe that you need to thoroughly interlink CX with your brand strategies and unite your brand with your user within all touchpoints.

At WeZimplify, we help businesses match with experts within differentiation of a brand with the intelligent use of CX. With our software and expertise, our focus is:

  • Professional guidance from start to end, when using WeZimplify software.
  • Experience a professional set up & design digitally, regarding communication and advice before, during and after use of the platform.
  • Support you in getting input from relevant customers and stakeholders.
  • Professional foundation for future decision making for business, product and innovation management.
  • Novel ideas to ways of working and perspectives on business and customers.
  • Customer involvement in virtually all relevant areas of business and innovation.
  • Adapting knowledge around the customer journey as a tool for understanding.
  • Helping businesses launch products that are creating the right value.

What does CX mean to your business? Are you acting on feedback and to what extent are Customer Experiences being used as a tool for innovation in your business? 

Want help using insights from your customers? Let’s talk! 

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